YYOGA JULY Running Into Yoga

Thank you to everyone that participated in yesterday’s Running Into Yoga Workshop at YYOGA Kits. The last one for the summer will be Sunday, August 20th. Hope to see you there!

Here are the Running Drills we practiced to help improve running form and efficiency.

A Drill -High Knee with a skip
B Drill- High Knee with extended leg kick out and pull back
Karaoke Drill- One foot across the other continual motion
Side to side jumping jack- Open the legs and arms wide with a hop
Butt kicks-heel to bum
Swoops- Open and lengthen the hamstrings (with sound effects of course)

I love this video of American Distance Runner Lauren Fleshman she demonstrates some of these Running Drills and a few extra fun ones.

I will be up At Wanderlust teaching Saturday, August 5 at 4pm. If you have not bought your tickets yet please contact me for a discount code!

Have Fun and enjoy the Sun!