The Running Into Yoga Workshop on April 14th pre Sun Run was a lot of fun. The weather was beautiful and lots of people signed up to hit the seawall and then stretch it out back at Yaletown YYoga. Most of us were racing the Sun Run so we ran a easy 20 min, practiced running drills and strides. When we got back to the yoga studio I taught a 30 min yoga class designed for runners. It feels good to relax the body and muscles after a running workout or a easy run. Here is a overview of what we did that afternoon:

20 min easy run- New to running start with 5 min run 2 min walk

Running Drills
High knees-with a skip
Heel to bum-high knee with heel to bum
Karaoke-Leg cross over
Strides- Comfortable sprint focusing on form

Lauren Fleshman a American track and field athlete demonstrates a few of these drills on you tube its good to get a visual for form.

A few key poses to focus on after a run are:

Downward Dog
Standing forward Fold
Low/High Lunge
Pigeon Pose
Supine Twist

I will be posting a few videos in the next few weeks so make sure to check back.

I am really excited to be part of the Seawheeze Half Marathon on August 11. 105 Days to Go!!
I have designed a 12 week Half Marathon Program that will be featured on the Lululemon Seawheeze website. If you have never run a half marathon before check this out now the get sweaty get ready program. Seawheeze It will prepare you to tackle the Half Marathon Program.
On May 18th you can get a IPhone App of Running Into Yoga 1,2,and 3 Power,Hatha,Yin classes you will have on your IPhone and practice right after a run anywhere.

With the beautiful warm weather on its way, I am organizing a weekly Running Into Yoga Group. If you are interested email me at or post in the comments which evening would be best. Im leaning towards Friday 5pm.

Also in the works is a Runningintoyoga Retreat in Nederland, Colorado….More details to Come.

Happy Training