Running into Kenya

When I left for Kenya end of Jan I was not sure what to expect.  I left with a open mind and heart.


It turned out to be way more than a running training camp. It was a feeling of connection to something greater. A feeling of being one.

It hit me during a morning run with Bekele and friends that I had just met from another part of the world. Running brought us together. We were making strong connections and respect for one another through running. Iten is not a easy place to train at 8,000 ft and the rough dusty roads you feel like you are dying over and over again. At the same time, it’s incredible to see hundreds of people up before the sun rises, working hard to achieve a goal. 

It did not matter if you were a world record holder or a recreational runner, everyone treated everyone with the same love and respect. If you were out there with your running shoes on, there was a strong sense of appreciation and support.


It’s such a sacred place. At the same time running is their livelihood so you experience and witness the commitment and drive it takes to be the best. Yes we are all there with a goal in mind but running brought us together. We may have never met if it wasn’t for that common interest.  

Running Unites!