Relaxing Weekend

Friday was a good day.  I met Chessa and Meaghan for 12 x 1′ hills in Stanley Park.  I was tired from a full day of Yoga and Running on Thursday.  Once i started the workout I realized I felt amazing.  My hr was low and my legs felt fresh.  I finished the last few hills faster and felt really strong.  It is so nice to feel good in a workout.  I am thinking of racing in a few weeks on the Island.  Saturday was a day off I relaxed all day.  I taught a 12 class at Flow.  It is a 45′ Hot that just fly’s by.  Flow is such a beautiful studio and i love going in the infrared sauna after teaching it is really relaxing.

Sunday I ran with Chessa, Meaghan, and Emily it is by far my favorite day to run.  We met at Meaghan’s and headed to the endowment trails.  We ran for 2 hours I was happy I brought water with a cliff gel in it.  I started drinking after 40′ and felt good the whole way.  I start to think of breakfast about a hour in maybe next time I will try 2 gels.  We got back to Meaghans showered and went to Aphrodite’s for breakfast.  It is now my new favorite breakfast spot.  Rice flour bread, frittata, latte and salad Love it!  I could not justify the $10 piece of pie so I skipped it 🙁  I got home and took a nap.  Pete took me to Trattoria Kitchen for dinner.  My favorite day!

Today was busy after a nice relaxing weekend.  I ran with Chessa 45′ @ 6am I felt tired in the beginning but started waking up 20 min in.  I taught the 12 and 2 hot classes at yaletown then did my second run at 3:30pm.  It was raining but got out there and got it done.  I some times feel crazy on double days.  I headed to Flow to teach 5:30 Hot.  It is so insane there so BUSY!  My class sold out.  50 people.  Emily brought her friend for her birthday.  It is my busiest class of the week.  I am so tired and my feet are sore.  I have a big workout tomorrow my first speed in a LONG time. 6 x 5′ @ 10k pace.  So off to bed!