Recovery Week

The week has been perfect running weather.  No Rain!  I ran 60′ easy Monday and Tuesday.  Wed Chessa and I ran 90′ @ 11am which is a real treat.  Sleep in and mild dry weather Love It!  Today I met Chessa for both runs 40′ at 6 am and 40′ @ 5pm.  I have practiced yoga a lot this week so my legs have been quite tired.  I had Meaghan, Kirsty, Chessa, and Erin over for dinner on Tuesday night.  It was really nice to catch up in a non running environment.  I made my first Dahl  soup everyone really enjoyed it.  I really enjoy cooking for people.  We discussed traveling over to Victoria for a weekend in Feb to train.  I have another hill workout in the am with Chessa and Meaghan.  i think I am going to have a lot more of these in February.

Today I went to a R & D session at Flow with James Nicholson.  I really enjoyed it he taught a beautiful inspiring class.  It brought some light on my teaching.  Feel how your body feels in this pose in this moment.  Thanks James!