Rainy 75'

I was feeling much better this morning.  I taught at 815 am small turnout but great energy.  A couple students are doing a 30 day challenge so it is very inspiring to teach them.  John Akinson was in class which is also  a pleasure to teach fellow running friends.

I headed out after class for my 75′ steady run.  I decided to run to Stanley Park.  It was raining lightly however running in the rain makes me feel good.  Somehow it brightens my day!  I ran around beaver lake up to Prospect Point on the trail and towards 3rd beach.  The time seems to go by so fast when I am in the trails.  I headed home the short cut along Pacific St and finished in 78′.  I had lunch and rested a bit.  I am teaching tonight 4pm hot and 6pm Power at WestCoast.  Its going to be Amazing!

I wanted to add a little news from last weekends Pioneer 8K.  Congrats to Natasha Wodak!  She won in 27:51.  She also has made the National cross country team and is heading to NACAC and Worlds.  What a great start to 2010. Way to go!  Congrats to Lucy Smith and Kirsten Sweetland who took 2nd and 3rd place.  Looks like it was a exciting race!  Here is a photo of Natasha taking the win: http://www.pbase.com/autie/image/120977091