No Smoking Ban

Meaghan and I were approached this morning by CTV news for a interview about the new smoking bylaw.  We were tight on time so had to decline.  What is your opinion about this?  I am happy as it is awful to be tempoing in the park or on the seawall and run through a cloud of smoke YUCK!

We continued on and did a pre race workout. 4x 2’@5k1’@3k with 1.5’rest.  I felt good considering it was wet rainy and 6:20am.  One good thing about crazy, early morning workouts is you do not have to think about it again.  Its done for the day!  I have a full day of teaching 4 classes and a chiro treatment with Rob Neilson.  I may even have 1 hour to squeeze in a nap!  Oh YA!