“I’m trying to think about what I was thinking about today. For a lot of the time you are thinking about nothing. You are just cruising down the trail. You are really in the moment. That sounds so Zen and clich and New Age, but that is kind of the point: It’s a form of meditation.”

Ultra-runner Anton Krupicka answering the question of what he thinks about during a run.

I have introduced Yin Yoga into my life once again.  I am very Yang as I practice Hot yoga, Power yoga, and run 6 days a week. I have found a bit more balance with  Joanne’s Yin class Sunday night at Yyoga Yaletown.  It is such a nice meditation practice at the end of a busy week.  I am in Love with it!  I have even started to bring a bit of Yin into my teaching.  I find you can practice Yin anytime any day!  Listen to your breath, Pause and Connect to a bit of stillness.

I am preparing this week to race the Shaughnessy 8k this Sunday.    Monday I ran a double 40′ in the am and 40’in the sunny afternoon.  Tuesday I did a 40′ tempo @ 160-165 HR at 7am.  I felt so good I ran along the seawall from C restaurant in English Bay out to 3rd beach and back I was comfortably running 6:25 miles.  It was overcast and a bit drizzly but perfect running conditions I love it!  Wed I had a day off from running.  My friend Dan asked me if I wanted to be his guest and check out the new YMCA VIP access and all.  I will be signing up tomorrow!  It is 4 floors and beautiful  new facilities nice and clean! Today, Thursday I got up at 6am and did my 45′ steady run half asleep.  I think I finally woke up when I got to Agro Cafe and ordered a large soy latte. This afternoon I squeezed in a Hot class with Will Blunderfield I always feel so awake, and inspired after his class.  He leaves you with a feeling of  I AM AMAZING and I CAN DO ANYTHING!  I also love his playlist it seems to flow with the hot sequence. Tomorrow I will be doing 15′ warm up and 8 x 30′ upslope strides.  I am really excited to race hopefully the sun will come out by Sunday morning!

Just when I think I’m running a lot of miles..

This is a pretty cool interview with Ultra Runner Anton Krupicka