May 31 Day Transformation Program

Radically Happy May 1 – 31 

Attend online from anywhere in the world

Join for 130 (single) or

Join with a friend 80 Each 

Community – Support – Transformation – Love 


This Program is a commitment to yourself for personal growth, transformation, building global community, and to spark your inner light to become more present and awake in all areas of your life.

How it works :

Radically Happy Program is a digital online program to fully commit to yourself through Meditation, Yoga Asana practice, Daily inquiry, and Daily Outdoor exploring for one month.

This includes :

Practice 31 days with a focus on light meditative exercises to infuse into your daily routine

Weekly Yoga Practice to stay Present and Awake in your body, mind, and spirit

Discussion on mediation and inquiry exercises

Accountability plan : Commit to the program and support others by sharing your progress and plans to stay accountable

Attend online from anywhere in the world through your computer, tablet, or mobile device

Weekly Digital zoom Calls Sunday 11:30 PST with Katherine

Get support and support other participants around the world through group calls


For 31 day you will commit to the following

Daily Yoga Practice 

30 – 60 min Daily Yoga Practice ( or zoom Yoga classes with Katherine included Tues-Fri and Sun all are recorded and can be sent through email)

Daily Meditation 

Start with 5min daily and build up to 30 min


Daily Reading, Inquiry and Mindful Exercises


Me is We by signing up you are up to something bigger than yourself.  You will be empowering yourself and others during these 31days and you can take this with you and infuse it through your life.

We will Reference Radically Happy

by Phakchok Rinpoche and Erric Sololom

you can purchase at Indigo or online at Amazon

Outdoor Explore

Get outside 30-60 min 4 x a week Hiking, skiing, walking, biking, running, or dancing YA!.  Post to inspire and stay motivated.

In a Nutshell 

May 1 -31 Commit to growth, change, practice, empowerment, meditation

Maintain accountability and build a network of friendships and support from a global community

Daily inquiry and journal exercises

Join from anywhere on the world YOGA all levels  [Tuesday-Friday 645amPST &Sunday 10amPST]

ZOOM CALL  with Katherine and a global community Every Sunday 1130am PST

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Any Questions about the program please send me a email I would LOVE to hear from you!