It’s Love Baby!


It has been almost a year since I travelled to India. Before I left I had a thought and I journaled I am Love. The mind pulls in different directions but coming back to the source the soul is pure love Oct 2 2015

India for me was life changing it had a profound impact on me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I took my 300h Teacher training with Shelley Tomczyk in an Ashram in South of India. I lived in a small spiritual town called Tiruvannamalai for 30 days. We meditated for one hour every morning and we were immersed in all the local ceremonies, celebrations and simple living. It was amazing and challenging in so many ways.

Once I arrived home I felt there was a big shift and change within me. My first thoughts were that the change came from living at the Ashram during the Teacher Training. I must be absorbing everything I learned. This was true, after being home for a few months I realized what was so life changing. India opened my heart and eyes to a bigger world. I saw poverty everywhere, people living with nothing but clothes on their back, some people had nowhere to live. The people I met that had nothing were incredibly vibrant, happy, always greeting you by touching their heart. They were alive and their happiness was true. What I experienced helped me get clear in my mind and heart. I have a deep understanding that love and happiness is inside all of us. That nothing and nobody can make me happy but myself. I found comfort in that.

I have created a Retreat in Italy called Dolce Far Niente- Sweetness of doing nothing – Sept 30 – Oct6 2017

I want to offer a retreat for people to get away, slow down, make connections, enjoy nature and beautiful Italian cuisine. My intention is to share some of the teachings I learned in India with everyone.

Silence is a source of great strength – Lao Tzu

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