In Memory of Jason Winn

Some very sad news I received yesterday from Bikram Yoga College of India:

Dear friends,
I wanted to let you know the sad news we received yesterday, of the passing of our beloved mentor and friend Jason Winn.
Thank you for all the support you have given to him, his family and to each other – emotionally, spiritually and financially.
His work and presence in our community has touched many lives, and will continue to do so.
He has been a teacher, friend and brother to so many of us through our own lives with his strength, love and humble dedication and commitment to our family and practice.
I ask you to join in pray for the peace of his soul. And for peace among us.
With love and thanks,

I did not know Jason that well but what I remember of him is that he was a very Vibrant Strong Inspirational Yoga teacher. He touched my heart in teacher training and I will always remember him!  I will be sending out prayers and love to his family and friends!  He will be missed!