Heart of the Training

I am in the heart of my training and so far everything is going smoothly. I have been doing a lot of my workouts solo which is a great feeling of accomplishment. Last Sunday was another big 160′ progression run it was nice to have Meaghan with me for 75′. She helped set me up on a 4:00/km rhythm. The last 15′ I had to buckle down and focus and got it done. I think I actually threw my arms in the air I was so happy to complete the 36km run. WoW! I was happy to have my Buddy Garmin along for the ride.
I have decided to go to Edmonton Aug 22 to race the Edmonton Half Marathon. The race director was quick to respond to my email and very supportive. It is really good timing for a pre race to Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Emma and Ellie will be there to race so even better reason for me to go and catch up with good friends. Emma is a talented runner and good friend that I have not seen in months and have missed training with her in Vancouver. Ellie is a inspiring ultra marathoner. This year alone she has won, set course and world records at many ultra and marathons. Only one word for her AMAZING! Check out her Blog!
Carmen from Lululemon will be there as well for the Expo and part of the Lululemon cheering squad for the race. Lululemon is always so supportive Thank You Lululemon! It will be a Very Exciting Weekend!

This Weekend is Another Exciting weekend! I am in Victoria for another Mindful Strides workshop with Marilyn. Lululemon has helped us advertise for this event Sunday August 8th and it looks like we are going to have a good turnout. Friday I had a 60′ tempo at 3:50-55/km pace. It was a beautiful morning and even though I was solo it felt good! I think knowing that I was having a massage from Bobby Crudo following the tempo and a day off Saturday helped me get it done!

I know this sea wall very well

I flew out of Vancouver on Harbour Air Saturday morning at 8am. Another BIG Thank You to Laura Biffen! It is such a luxury to fly 30′ to Victoria. Love It! Even though it was overcast and rainy it is scenic and beautiful! Marilyn her friend Kim and I went and checked out the Farmers market. I bought some date, banana chutney and spring mix greens.

I met with Jon for a latte and a marathon training discussion. Everything seems to be going as planned!
After dinner Marilyn and I headed to Clover Point for a Saturday evening ice bath! Pretty Exciting Saturday night!

Saturday Night Chillin!

Its a bit colder in here than in Vancouver!

Tomorrow Marilyn has a progression run and I will be running 3 hours easy/steady. It will be a nice change of scenery! We will be heading back in the Ocean after those runs!