What a amazing weekend of distance running! The results of Ellie Greenwoods World Championship 100km race came in early Sunday morning WoW! Way to go Ellie! The debut of Shalane Flanagan placing second in the New York City Marathon was very Impressive! A big Congrats to Johnny A and Mike P for two solid performances in New York! The great H2H was full of Excitement as well!

Nancy,Amy Fawn, Katherine early start of H2H

Team VFAC’ N Rule was Nancy, Fawn, Emily, Katie, Jeanie, Catherine W, Katherine M, and Amy. We all had such a blast! It started with early morning pick up at 5 am. Jeanie was racing leg 1. It was a nice surprise not only to find a starbucks in Haney but a starbucks with a drivethru..Luxury! We cheered on Jeanie and then Fawn on Leg 2, as we made our way to the end of Leg 3.

Catherine W on Leg 3

Catherine W just finished leg 3 hanging with our Mascot Sheba Bear

Emily was on Leg 4, you cannot drive on Leg 4 so we made our way to the beginning of Leg 6 so Nancy could warm up. The weather was so perfect it drizzled a bit but for most of the day it was mild and dry with even some sunshine unbelievable. Every time I have done H2H I have been soaking wet and freezing cold. Katie was on Leg 5 and by this time we heard we were at least 20 min ahead of the next Open women’s team. Our next goal was to catch the VFAC mixed team ( just for Fun and Laughs)

Katie powering to the end of Leg 5

Nancy flying along with her beautiful Stride

Nancy passed off to Amy at the start of Leg 7 and on we went to pass VFAC Mixed team. All in good fun and competition. It was fun to drive along cheer and support all the teams. We were now heading to the end of leg 7 so I could warm up for Leg 8. We were driving up behind Kevin O who was on fire flying down the middle of the road. VFAC Masters Men were winning the Masters team and Kevin was on his way to winning his leg in a amazing time of 44 min.

Kevin O Conner catching some air on Leg 7

Amy Passing off to Me at the start of Leg 8

Not long after I warmed up Amy was flying in and I was off on Leg 8. I checked my Garmin after a few minutes and saw I was on a 3:38 pace. I think with all the excitement and adrenaline I went off way to fast. I settled in to a 3:50 pace and remained steady to the finish. It felt good considering I was running down a road in the middle of nowhere heading to the highway and into Harrison. My team was so supportive, dancing in the road to cheer and the VFAC Masters team was on the highway cheering and taking video. My team ran with me in to the finish and we celebrated winning the Open Women’s Title in 6:51:40 and finishing 6th team overall. I won my leg in 30:18 finishing 6th overall. The sun was shining and we were ready to party.


We stayed in Harrison in a nice sized hotel room for all 8 of us. Thanks to Emily for organizing everything the whole day went by so smoothly. We enjoyed a evening of eating, dancing, and lots and lots of laughs!

A Evening Of Lots Of Laughs

Katherine & Catherine

Catherine, John, and Amy dancing at the barn dance

After a lot of dancing and sweating at the barn dance we were on the bus surprisingly by 11:30 and back in our hotel by midnight. Not the best recovery after a race but lots of fun memories! The next day Amy, Jeff, Me, Shauna and Steph met in Stanley Park for a 1 hour 45min Long run to remember! I think that was the longest 105′ of my life.

The After Party

Emily, Katie, Jeanie

Next up is the Fall Classic 5k Looking forward to running fast!
Good luck to everyone that is going to Nationals x country in Guelph looking forward to hearing the results!

1st Open Women