Going with the Flow

I’m able to write about this now as I’m finally on the mend. It’s been a rough few weeks for training. It’s easy to blog when things are going well in training. When things are a bit rough I found it challenging to write about my setback. It’s all a learning lesson.

I had been preparing for the first half marathon. Training was going really well and I was getting excited to race a fast half marathon. Two weeks before the half I ran my 2 hour Sunday long run. I felt great the only thing I did different was the pace was slower than I normally would run my long runs. My body wanted to run quicker but I held back as it was Sunday and I thought I should just chill out. Once I finished the 2 hours the back of my left heel was sore I thought nothing of it. As the day went on it got worse there was a creaking feeling and inflammation through the Achilles. After many massage treatments, Chiro adjustments, and
Acupuncture, IMS it turns out I have Achilles Tendinosis Rob at Performance Health concluded it was from a slower pace than I was used to over a duration of 2 hours irritated the Achilles Sheath and caused inflammation and Crepitus Annoying!!

So the healing process begins. I spent a week taking one day off then running 30′ the next day to feel the creaking and pain in the Achilles had returned. I decided to shut it down for a week. I spent that week at the gym on the elliptical, strength training and at the Aquatic Centre Pool Running. Chessa is healing a stress fracture so we pool ran together. Pool running is a lot more fun with a buddy. We would do intervals to pass the time. I was getting quite good at it and liked to joke with Chessa that we should go to the pool running Championships. Or even take up synchronized swimming.

I watched the First Half Marathon which was hard for me as I really wanted to be in the mix racing. I was out there with Shauna cheering and was happy for everyone that achieved their goals that day. I was so inspired by Ellie Greenwood who placed first female overall and ran a incredible time 1:18! I was happy to be there and give her a hug and congratulate her. She has worked very hard and deserved it. Way to Go!

This past week I have been very careful getting back to running. Tuesday and Wed were walk run days, Thursday 30′ Friday 45′ and Sat 45′ Sunday I will do 60′. I’m running now without any pain and more important when I’m done the run the creaking is not returning.

Getting injured has made me appreciate running and training. Never will I take it for granted. I know this injury would have taken much longer to heal if it was not for my coach Jon Brown, Bobby Crudo my massage therapist who specializes in Systemic Deep Tissue Massage that is very effective, Stella, ND at Flow Wellness (acupuncture, IMS she was so patient with me I nearly went through the roof with the IMS ) and Rob Neilson

Over the past few weeks my yoga practice has kept me present and relaxed. I am so grateful to have my practice. I did have a few melt downs but landing on my mat put everything into perspective.

Bobby kept checking in on me and would keep reminding me to stay positive. Thanks Bobby!!

My Next Article for Fitness Goop I thought was appropriate is about how Yoga can be helpful when dealing with a running injury. Check Back Soon!


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