Early Morning Workout

I woke up yesterday at 530 am to meet Meaghan and Nat at the aquatic centre.  This is so early for me to do a workout.  This mornings workout was 7.5′ @ 10k, 1.5′ rest 2.5 ‘@ 5k, 1.5′ rest x2.  I felt good in the warmup but once we started the first 7.5 I could tell it was not going to be a easy day.  I could still feel Bobby’s (my massage therapist) hands in my lower back and my legs were so heavy.  I pulled myself together for the last 2.5’ but it was a struggle.  When I got home i showered and climbed back into bed for a hour.

I think I may have been a bit under the weather today after my morning class I went back to bed till 3pm.  Somedays I just need to listen to my body and stop everything and rest.  My 4pm class today was quiet 9 people.  Pete is coming over, I am making a nice dinner salmon, brown rice and veggies.  I am going off to bed very early.