Day 7 Cleansey

Its been a week of raw food…nothing cooked and no lattes.  I have been enjoying creating new dishes to keep breakfast, lunch and dinner exciting.  I made a Zucchini Pasta a few nights ago and it was delicious.  I have been noticing a few changes I have been sleeping very well and feel very hydrated.  I am sure there will be some more shifts and changes over the next 14 days.

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Zucchini – use a carrot peeler to create strips of”pasta”

1 cup cashews soaked overnight

1 shallott

1 Red Pepper

1 cup soaked sun dried tomatoes

1/2 cup diced tomates


1 juice of lemon

dash of Himalayan sea salt

2 Yah Foods“meat balls”(blend of nuts and seeds and spices)

Slice the Zucchini into pasta like strips.  Blended all ingredients in the Vitamix or food processor. Mix together and add “meat balls” on top.  So Simple and Yummy!

Check back for more Raw Food Recipes during my 21 day Raw Food Cleanse