Day 1 Mindful Strides

Woke up this morning to some beautiful sunshine!  Marilyn and I are so happy to see the sun we would have been a bunch of drowned rats otherwise.  We slept in till 730 am which is a sleep in for me these days.  Arriving at Oak Bay track it was nice to see some amazing athletes working out while we set up for the workshop.  Gary Reed showed up with his coach and I had to stop what I was doing to watch him run at top speed around the track.  What a beautiful runner!

The day went really smoothly starting off with a morning meditation and yoga class for runners. A few people were brand newbies to yoga. Once we got started with the class everyone turned out to be natural Yogis!  We had a lunch break at noon.  After lunch Marilyn guided us through some pose drills and body awareness.  I felt so uncoordinated at first however it is amazing how quick your body responds.  Here are a few photos from the afternoon portion of the workshop.  I will post more info and  photos  from our workshop soon.

Erin Burrett and Marilyn demonstrating a pose drill

Erin Burrett and Marilyn performing pose drill

Jamie and Marilyn doing partner work for pose drill

Off to bed Marilyn and I are up at 530am for our long runs.  Give Us Strength for for a big Sunday ahead!  It will be another Great Day!