At last I broke the tape!

Thanks for capturing the moment Karen xo

Any race that I have won they have not had any tape for first female.  I have been very excited for the moment I break the tape.  This weekend was the Calgary marathon and Ottawa marathon so a few of the competition was away.  Today was my chance!  I have been feeling really solid in most of my training runs and was looking forward to racing all week.

Photography by Karen Wong xo

Shaughnessy 8k is not the fastest 8k in Vancouver it is a hilly, 2 lap course.  There is a big uphill climb in the 1st km and of course a downhill beatdown in the last 8km.  I felt good off the gun and actually for once felt I needed to hold back a bit.  I saw Chessa cheering us on at 3km and said to her “I feel good!”  Well just after that at 5.5km I realized I did not feel so great and was not running as fast as i thought 14:55 at 4km.  I realized I had to really focus to the finish.  I was on my own for most of the race.  I ran 25 sec faster than last years time on this course, and of course breaking the tape with a win is priceless/timeless. Way to go Catherine W for a second place finish and Nat Closs 5th, Joe and everyone that raced and of course Jay 1st male in 25:06 Woweeeee! check out Jay’s awsome blog I love Jay!

1st MALE and 1st FEMALE we always seem to place in the same order every race!

Thanks for all the cheering and photography John Hill, David, Johnny A, Chessa, Rick, Karen, Colin, Steve, and all the volunteers for holding back the traffic while cheering!

Me, Natalie Closs, Catherine Watkins and Saucony

I have a new love/hate for this race I actually thought hmmm I think I understand the course better and can run much faster next year!  ???What???  After I got that thought out of my mind I cooled down and chatted with Kevin and Jeriah from Seattle it was nice to see them.  After the awards, two liberte yogurts,and  two lara bars I went to YYoga flow and taught two hot classes.  To end it all I practiced Joanne’s Yin class.  I Love the Yin to Balance the Yang.