Bits and Pieces

I think of January as a clean slate, starting fresh opening up the New Year on a clear path. Things did not go as I had planned in the fall. I was planning on racing X country Nationals but leading up to the race I was feeling something was not so right in my right ankle foot. I figured something was a little bit misaligned and it would just sort itself out. I got a few treatments but unfortunately it was more serious and me continuing to train on it was not my smartest move. Long story short I was forced to stop running completely for 7 weeks. Sometimes the best recovery is Rest,Rest,Rest which I know everyone that runs and trains hard understands it is not easy to do. After 5 weeks I observed how addicted I am to running and observed how crazy my mind gets when I cannot run. I decided to embrace the time off and enjoy other sports and social activities (who would of thought I would enjoy pool running thanks Cat and Shauna). I had regular treatments on my foot by Rob Neilson, Bobby Crudo, Armond, Marilou all of them helped me to get me back to running. Marilou found some of my weaknesses that may have caused this to happen. I am working on exercises to strengthen this imbalance.
I am enjoying getting back into a regular training routine. I am puffing and regular 60′ runs that I would easily knock out before work are a bit of a struggle but I know this will pass and I am so happy to just be out there everyday.
After December being pretty much a big party. Celebrating my Birthday month and Christmas I have decided it is time to cleanse. Tracy G came by my place over the holidays and we were having a discussion about nutrition. I have committed to attending her I LOVE RAW Food Basics Course and then following the course I have committed to a 21 day Raw Food Cleanse with Tracy’s assistance. I am looking forward to it but realize being prepared will help with this journey.
I am in the early stages in organizing Running Into Yoga Friday Night Run/Yoga clinics. I will be posting more details once confirmed keep checking back in.
I have updated my new January 2013 public teaching schedule Check It Out! See you in class!