Altitude Respect

Well I am in the last day of my training vacation. I have been in Nederland, Colorado for 20 days. Time really does fly it feels like I just arrived here. It has been a really positive trip. I have managed to stay healthy and no niggles or injury (except a face plant down a trail the first day I arrived. I ended up with a scraped up knee, thigh,stomach, and a bit of embarrassment)
I really enjoy spending time with Kathy, Andrew and Libby. We have had some good laughs, Hikes, Hot Tubs, monopoly competitions and have created some great meals over the past few weeks. I am really going to miss little Libby. I almost want to pack her in my suitcase…

Kathy and Nicole had planned to race a ten miler in Denver the first weekend I arrived. I decided to race as well. It would be a great training race for STWM. Since I just arrived to altitude I was planning on running it at 4min/km.
We were up at 4am on race morning and arrived in Denver at 6am. A very Early start to the Day. I was pleased to run 3:59/km and felt strong and relaxed. It was tough on the uphills, I felt as though I was crawling but recovered on the downhill. Nicole placed 2nd female and Kathy was 3rd female. Way to Go!!
[singlepic id=7 w=320 h=240 float=center]
After the race the next few days were steady runs. The 9th day at altitude I did a faster interval workout and felt much spunkier. The 14th day I went with Kathy and joined Steve Jones group for a speedy session on Astro Turf. It was inspiring to run with so many amazing athletes. The 17th day Kathy had planned for me to do a longer Marathon tempo. Kathy drove down to Boulder to support me with this one. She passed me my drinks so I could practice taking in fluid. It was great just to know she was there. It was a really tough session but gave me confidence just to complete it. This past Sunday Kathy and Nicole took me to Eldorado Canyon trails for our long run. It was one of the most incredible runs I have been on. The weather was perfect and the scenery is breathtaking. I joked with the girls that they were evil for taking me there my second last day in Colorado. I had thoughts of moving here.
The weather has been beautiful the last two days here. Today Kathy and I ran in West Magnolia trails in Nederland. There are endless trails to run here! It makes me not want to leave. I am already planning my next trip back in the New Year!
Also a big Thank You to CorePower Yoga North and South Boulder and The Yoga Pod Three amazing Yoga studios I practiced at while I was here. Thank You to Tunde, Raj, Steph R, Matt K, and Jason for sharing, Inspiring, and keeping my Body Balanced!

I am back to teaching Thursday morning at Yaletown 930am Hot class Come By and say HI!

Four weeks till ScotiaBank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Looking forward to the next block of training!