My Love for Running

I have recently posted a few Running Into Yoga videos for Fitness Goop. Check this one out. The Yoga Poses are designed to help stretch and strengthen after a run. Yoga is such a great tool to help prevent injuries.

I have had a few tough races lately. Each race is a learning experience. I have to remind myself that the tough ones will make me stronger for the great races. BMO half marathon did not play out the way I expected it to. My training was going well. I think missing a few weeks of training earlier in the season due to Achilles tendonosis was part of the problem. During the race my left calf cramped after 12k. I focused on staying relaxed but felt myself start to tense up. My stomach was next to cramp coming down Prospect Point around 17k. I pulled off the course to use the bushes. There was a moment I thought about dropping out. I have yet to not finish a race and was not going to quit on this day. I decided even if I had to walk I was going to finish. The last 5k was a struggle mentally and physically. I have been practicing letting go of the negative parts of the race and focusing on the positive.

Back to training with my focus on Shaughnessy 8 k. The race was a solid effort for me. I was hoping for a faster time but it did not play out on that day. Timing was not on my side that day. What Im taking from that race is I stayed relaxed and focused knowing I was feeling off from the start.

Recently I raced longest day 5 k. It is such a great event a evening race with a BBQ after the race. It was a really good turnout with a ton of fast girls. My plan was to go out with Shauna, Catherine, Amy, Heather, Care, Melissa and hang on as long as I can. I did not end up running a PB, I was a few seconds off. The race was definitely a bit of a shock to my body. Wow 5k is such a tough race. I have some work to do. A big Congrats to Natasha, Melissa,Catherine,Heather and Shauna nice work girls!

Next up will be ScotiaBank Half Marathon This Sunday June 26. I am excited to race that distance with some great competition. The last few tough races has made me even hungrier for a PB. I am ready and positive. I know with Patience and perseverance it will happen. I love the quote from Goenka at Vipassana ” Patiently and Persistently you are bound to be successful.”.